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The Letters of Robert Lowell 2005 г 888 стр ISBN 0374185468 инфо 2958n.

Book Description Over the course of his life, Robert Lowell impressed those who knew him by his "refusal to be boring on paper" (Christopher Benfey) One of the most influential poets of the twentiащхиыeth century, Lowell was also a prolific letter writerwho corresponded with many of the remarkable writers and thinkers of his day, including Elizabeth Bishop, Edmund Wilson, Robert Kennedy, Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, T S Eliot, and Robert Frost These lettбиюцсers document the evolution of Lowell's work and illuminate another side of the intimate life that was the subject of so many of his poems: his deep friendships with other writers; the manic-depressive illness he struggled to endure and understand; his marriages to three prose writers; and his engagement with politics and the antiwar movement of the 1960s The Letters of Robert Lowell shows us, in many cases for the first time, the private thoughts and passions of a figure unrivaled fбротзor his influence on American letters.

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