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Postmodernist Fiction Издательство: Routledge, 1987 г Мягкая обложка, 280 стр ISBN 0415045134 инфо 2948n.

"This is one of the most lively and lucid studies of contemporary fiction around Whether or not you agree with his provocative definition of the postmodern, McHale's argument is always engaging, bold andащхид forceful"--Linda Hutcheon "Not only does the critical jargon not get in the way of his thesis, but McHale even uses examples you've heard ofA useful and comprehensive examination of the nature of The Beast"--City Limits "McHalehas written биюцкa brilliant, forceful and lucid defence of his own view"--Journal of European Studie 1 edition Автор Брайян Макхал Brian McHale.

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