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Alien Sex Fiend R I P A 12" Collection (2 CD) Mix) Исполнитель "Alien Sex Fiend" инфо 1942n.

Издание соднржит буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском языке Содержание CD1: Alien Sex Fiend RIP A 12" Collection 1 Ignore The Machine (Electrode Mix) 2 Under The Thunder (Igащтухnore The Dub) 3 Lips Can't Go (Toytown Mix) 4 30 Second Coma 5 RIP (Blue Crumb Truck) 6 New Christian Music 7 Dead And Buried (12" Version) 8 Attack!!! 9 EST (Trip To The Moon) (12" Version) 10 I'm Doing Time In A Maximumбиэдо Security Twilight Home (Football Mix) 11 In And Out Of My Mind 12 I Walk The Line 13 Schools Out (Completely) 14 Smells Like (Shit Mix 1) CD2: Alien Sex Fiend RIP A 12" Collection 1 Hurricane Fighter Plane 2 It Lives Again 3 The Impossible Mission (Mix 2) 4 My Brain Is In The Cupboard Above The Kitchen Sink 5 Here Cum Germs (Ravi Mix 1) 6 Camel-Camel! 7 Stuff The Turkey 8 Bun Ho! (Cranium Mix) 9 Satisfaction 10броир Haunted House (Dub Mix) 11 Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied 12 BIM 13 Magic 14 Inferno (Off The Scale Mix) Исполнитель "Alien Sex Fiend".

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