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Babylon 5 - The Complete Third Season (6 DVD) Формат: 6 DVD (NTSC) (Box set) Дистрибьютор: Warner Home Video Региональный код: 1 Субтитры: Английский / Испанский / Французский Звуковые дорожки: Английский инфо 1887n.

От издателя "Matters of Honor" launched Babylon 5's third season with the introduction of the White Star, a spacecraft added to enable more of the action to take place away from the station Also inащтпэtroduced was Marcus Cole (Jason Carter) in another nod to The Lord of the Rings, a Ranger not so far removed from Tolkien's Strider In "Voices of Authority" the show finds an epic scale as Ivanova seeks the mysterious "First Ones" for allies againsбиэбзt the Shadows, and evidence is discovered pointing to the truth behind President Santiago's assassination A third of the way through the season "Messages from Earth," "Point of No Return," and "Severed Dreams" prove pivotal, changing the nature of the story in a way previously unimaginable on network TV Earth slides into dictatorship, the fascistic Nightwatch takes control of off-world security, and Sheridan takes decisive action by declaring Babylon 5 броизindependent "Interludes and Examinations" presented the death of a major supporting character, while the two-part "War Without End" reached apocalyptic dimensions in a complex tale resolving the destiny of Sinclair and the fate of Babylon 4 (dovetailing elegantly with the events of the first season's "Babylon Squared"), resolving a 1,000-year-old paradox and presenting a vision of a very dark future for Sheridan and Delenn All this was trumped by the monumental "Z'ha'dum" In the preceding "Shadow Dancing" Anna Sheridan (Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Boxleitner's real-life wife) returned from the dead, no longer entirely human In the mythologically resonant climax Anna invited Sheridan back to the Shadow homeworld with no hope of survival Just as in The Lord of the Rings Gandalf fell into the abyss at Khazad-Dum, so Sheridan took a comparable leap into the unknown on an alien world 22 episodes on 6 discs: 01 Matters of Honorбтзюд 02 Convictions 03 A Day in the Strife 04 Passing Through Gethsemane 05 Voices of Authority 06 Dust to Dust 07 Exogenesis 08 Messages from Earth 09 Point of No Return 10 Severed Dreams 11 Ceremonies of Light and Dark 12 Sic Transit Vir 13 A Late Delivery from Avalon 14 Ship of Tears 15 Interludes and Examinations 16 War Without End: Part 1 17 War Without End: Part 2 18 Walkabout 19 Grey 17 Is Missing 20 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place 21 Shadow Dancing 22 Z'ha'dum Продюсер: Джон Коупленд Творческий коллектив Производство 1995 - 1996 гг Дополнительные материалы Commentary by J Michael Straczynski on "Severed Dreams" and "Z'ha'dum" Commentary by Bruce Boxleitner, Jerry Doyle, Richard Biggs, and Ed Wagner on "Interludes and Examinations" Introduction from Series Creator J Michael Straczynski "Behind the Mask: Creating the Aliens of Babylon 5" Documentary "Designing a Better Narn" Documeбтхкуntary "Designing Tomorrow: The Look of Babylon 5" Documentary Access Data Files Personnel Files Shadow Dossier Original Episode Previews Актеры (показать всех актеров) Брюс Бокслейтнер Bruce Boxleitner Клаудиа Кристиан Claudia Christian Джерри Дойл Jerry Doyle Gerard T Doyle .

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