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The DC Comics Rarities Archives, Vol 1 Издательство: DC Comics, 2005 г Твердый переплет, 348 стр ISBN 1401200079 инфо 1649n.

The three early comic books reprinted in DC Comics Rarities are fascinating cultural artifacts The two issues of New York World's Fair Comics were distributed at the 1939-40 exposition; they feature some of tащсяиhe earliest exploits of Superman and Batman, who travel from Metropolis and Gotham City, respectively, to visit the event The massive Big All-American Comic Book from 1944 boasts some of DC's biggest stars as well as lesser lights and itself reprints some of the populбиьцвar long-running newspaper strip, Mutt and Jeff A piquant sampler of comics' Golden Age Автор Разные Various.

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