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Love Is The Song We Sing San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 (4 CD) Формат: 4 Audio CD (Подарочное оформление) Дистрибьюторы: Rhino Entertainment Company, Торговая Фирма "Никитин" США инфо 272l.

В сборнике на 4 дисках содержатся песни в стиле рок-н-ролл в исполнении "Country Joe & The Fish", "Jefferson Airplane", "Big Brother & The Holding Company" и др Издание ащцнпоформлено в виде книги (120 страниц) в жестком переплете размером 22,5 х 28,5 см: содержит редкие фотографии и дополнительную информацию о песнях и исполнителях на английском языке Диски вложены в картонные конверты, приклеенные с внутренней стороны обложки Содержанбиятяие CD1: Love Is The Song We Sing Seismic Rumbles 1 Let's Get Together Дино Валенти 2 I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die "Country Joe & The Fish" 3 You Were On My Mind "We Five" 4 Number One "The Charlatans" 5 Can't Come Down "The Warlocks" 6 Don't Talk To Strangers "The Beau Brummels" 7 Anything "The Vejtables" 8 It's No Secret "Jefferson Airplane" 9 Johnny Was A Good Boy qбрпаы"The Mystery Trend" 10 Free Advice "The Great Society" 11 Mr Jones (A Ballad Of A Thin Man) "The Grass Roots" 12 Stranger In A Strange Land "Blackburn & Snow" 13 Who Do You Love "Quicksilver Messenger Service" 14 She's My Baby "The Mojo Men" 15 Coffee Cup "The Wildflower" 16 Live Your Own Life "The Family Tree" 17 Fat City "The Sons Of Champlin" 18 Human Monkey "The Frantics" 19 Bye Bye Bye "The Tikis" 20 Section 43 "Country Joe & The Fish" 21 Hello Hello "The Sopwith "Camel" CD2: Love Is The Song We Sing Suburbia 1 Psychotic Reaction "Count Five" 2 Got Love "Front Line" 3 Satisfaction Guaranteed "The Mourning Reign" 4 Foolish Woman "The Oxford Circle" 5 My Buddy Sin "The Stained Glass" 6 Streetcar "The Oбтидфtherside" 7 Suzy Creamcheese "Teedy & His Patches" 8 Rubiyat "The Immediate Family" 9 Rumors "Syndicate Of Sound" 10 Sometimes I Wonder "The Harbinger Complex" 11 Want Ad Reader "The New Breed" 12 I'm A Good Woman "The Generation" 13 No Way Out "The Chocolate Watchband" 14 Hey I'm Lost Butch Engle, "Styx" 15 I Love You "People" 16 America "Public Nuisance" 17 Fly To New York "Country Weather" 18 Thing In "E" "The Savage Resurrection" 19 Hearts To Cry "Frumious Bandersnatch" CD3: Love Is The Song We Sing Summer Of Love 1 Alabama Bound "The Charlatans" 2 Carl Street "The Mystery Trend" 3 Somebody To Love "The Great Society" 4 Superbird "Country Joe & The Fish" 5 Two Days 'Till Tomorrow "The Beau Brummelsбтхнг" 6 Omaha "Moby Grape" 7 Up & Down "The Serpent Power" 8 The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) "The Grateful Dead" 9 Codine "Quicksliver Messenger Service" 10 Down On Me Big Brother & The Holding Company 11 Think Twice "Salvation" 12 White Rabbit "Jefferson Airplane" 13 Roll With It "Steve Miller Band" 14 Why Did You Put Me On "Notes From The Underground" 15 Underdog "Sly & The Family Stone" 16 Summertime Blues "Blue Cheer" 17 Glue "The Ace Of Cups" 18 Soul Sacrifice Карлос Сантана 19 The Bells "The Loading Zone" CD4: Love Is The Song We Sing "The Man Can't Bust Our Music" 1 Evil Ways Карлос Сантана 2 Red The Sign Post "Fifty Foot Hose" 3 Lemonaide Kid KAK 4 1982-A "The Sons Of Champlin" 5 How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go бтыичAway Дэн Хикс 6 Amphetamine Gazelle "Mad River" 7 Quicksilver Girls "Steve Miller Band" 8 Revolution "Mother Earth" 9 Murder In My Heart For The Judge "Moby Grape" 10 Light Your Windows "Quicksilver Messenger Service" 11 I'm Drowning "Flaming Groovies" 12 Portrait Of The Artists As A Young Lady "Seatrain" 13 White Bird "It's A Beautiful Day" 14 Dark Star "The Grateful Dead" 15 Fool "Blue Cheer" 16 Mexico "Jefferson Airplane" 17 Mercedes Benz Дженис Джоплин 18 Get Together "The Youngbloods" Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) Дино Валенти Dino Valenti "Country Joe & The Fish" "We Five".

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